Monday, February 13, 2012

What I hear..

Sound walk around Church Ave.

Every ordinary day, I attempt to ignore the noise while rushing to and back from the same food stand. But a short sound walk drew a new portrait of my old neighborhood that I missed all these days. So while I was standing in queue for my lunch, I closed my eyes and opened my ears…

I immediately faced a collection of sounds. As I started listening I could sense the rhythm of the food cart vendor chopping the meat, it had an amazing tune of its own. (Made even better by my hunger.)
The sound of chopping meat matched the sounds of the footsteps of the busy people around me, rushing to their destination. A cop car zoomed past me, with its sirens bursting my attention. As the sound of the cop car faded away, I was able to concentrate on the environment again.

New York City never fails to remind of the cultural diversity that it holds. I heard at least five different languages, if not more, just standing in my queue. I could hear voices of children from the school beside me growing louder and louder. They were laughing, telling stories. It must’ve been time to go home. I could hear the faint sounds of the subways underground. As every subway passed by, the conversations around me increased, as more kids got out from the stations. A few stores behind me, I could hear the sound of Bengali music, playing in the background.

I got my lunch and started back to my small neighborhood office.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Semester - New..everything!

And so our semester things to learn!

Looking forward to a great semester. Hope everyone has the same!

Take care,