Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introducing ~ Christina Yu

Transitions & Sound

For this assignment I picked a foreign movie titled, Wushu. The whole film is about 5 friends who meet at a martial arts school and grow up together. The scenes that I have selected from the movie are from their first adventure together, where they find their “headquarters”, and scenes from towards the ending, where they prepare for the final show down.

In the first scene, where they find their headquarters, we immediately cut into scenes of the friends imagining themselves in high places in the future. Thus beginning their training to achieve their dreams. The movie deals with a lot of memories, and to help accomplish the feeling of ‘bits and pieces’ of memories, they divided the frame in to two/three parts. While one side rolled a memory, the other part acted as a transition to the next memory. And with this effect they were able to make smooth transitions to a number of memories, of them training, playing and growing up together.

Throughout the memories the sound changed to match each transition smoothly, going from soothing music when they were training, to fast paced music when they were faced with opponents or danger.
The editing and transitions in the movie along with the music works perfectly together, for example the scene where they grow up, the music starts off slow, and as the kids jump forward, the music grows louder. As we see the kids growing up to be adults, the increase in the sound makes it feel like the music grew with them side by side.