Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog Assignment # 3.5: An Evening with John Canemaker

On April 3rd, we had the opportunity to watch 2 great animations by John Canemaker. I specifically liked The Moon and The Sun. His style of animation is rather different from what the mainstream media is all about today. His animations are hand drawn and doesn't involve any CGI or any computer graphics. His animations are filled with blasts of colors and sound that make them feel more than hand drawn animation. Everything just mixes so well together, it's amazing. I saw a lot of the things we learned at class applied exactly to the animation. Including the shots chosen for the whole animation. It's amazing to see how John Canemaker's animations show so much emotion with colors and even the borders of each subject. For example when the father's hand smashes the table, the father's hand has a much darker and thicker line, unlike the kid, who was drawn with much thinner line. Same with the Mafias. They appear very strong, but when the police are after them, their appearance fades away. Watching his animation definitely helped me out, because for my project I'm doing Stop-Motion animation, so I enjoyed every moment of it.

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